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The Afghan Wife

In Herat, Afghanistan, Zahra, a 27-year-old school teacher, lives a life of quiet desperation with her abusive husband and five-year-old son, Ahmad. Her life changes dramatically when they escape across the border into Iran with Zahra’s cousin Firzun, a revolutionary activist.

It’s 1979 and Iran is in turmoil. An Islamic revolutionary government has replaced the Shah of Iran. Zahra’s life becomes a series of twists and turns, affected by the political upheavals as Firzun gets involved in an attempt to free American hostages being held in their embassy. More complications occur when Karim, a man Zahra met and fell in love with when she was a teenager, comes back into her life. As the novel moves towards its dramatic conclusion, Zahra has to make a choice between love and family loyalty.

The Afghan Wife delves into the heart of a society in crisis, affecting Zahra’s life and those around her. Yet against this background of revolution and political drama, a deeply moving love story emerges, keeping the reader in suspense till the final page.

I’m very proud to share that The Afghan Wife was placed third in the 2018 Kathryn Hayes ‘When Sparks Fly’ competition run by the New York chapter of the Romance Writers of America.


Cindy Davies is published in Australia by Odyssey Books.

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